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Vengeance In Business Provide Little Consolation

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All those who work or run some business might have come across a time when they were made to feel ignored, small and invaluable. No matter how much one gives in, there are times when the efforts are turned down. In such situations, it is quite natural for someone to feel dislocated, isolated and the feeling of vengeance might overrule the entire judgement of a person. But, vengeance in business provide little consolation and that's why one should't seek revenge.

Here are four main reasons why you should never seek revenge in business:

  1. Revenge can escalate the bad situation or rebound in an unexpected and harmful way. 
  2. Your problem is not others problem so seeking revenge won't get you anything (not even sympathy). But, seeing you as an entrepreneur with a problem will only give gossips to the media. Don't feed their hungry eyes!
  3. If something went wrong, it doesn't mean that you were right. Raising the issue will also put you under suspicion of doing something wrong. So, why to raise someone's brow when you can sit and relax. 
  4. The problem will pass out because life isn't constant. 


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