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Do something special at the end of 2016

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Finish 2016 with a Bang

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How to Start New Year 2017 with new goals

Changing is the rule of nature. It can only mean one thing. The days are going shorter, New Year going to start. What you did so far in 2016 need to review and update, so your business, personal life will boom in 2017.
The best companies and top performers know that the end of the year is a prime opportunity to generate momentum to slingshot into New Year’s success.

Here are few tips for you, which already followed by top millionaires

1. Review your goals from earlier in the year

Some people shy away from reviewing their yearly goals but if you look what you had planned and what you did so far. You can see the progress. 

So even if you aren’t on track to hit all your goals, look to create some momentum by figuring out what you can accomplish in the time remaining.

2. Create your New year’s goals now

This might sound crazy, but trust me, it’s a game changer. Why is this so important? Because doing so allows you to absorb and live with your goals, and gives you time to tweak them if need be.

An Example how I do this
Five things you need to do
Five things to Stop doing
Two New habits
Two new belief
One thing you must going to change

3) Get started with the goals as early as possible

Most people follow above two steps every time, may be you too. You come out of the gate hot on January 1, determined to keep your new year’s resolutions, but right around the 15th, your goals start to go off the rails. 

You grow frustrated and let your goals lapse or start feeling guilty. Eventually, you just give up.  Even you can’t stand on your own decision. Then you are not a real hero, you are nothing. How you can give up every time. Try these habits at least one year.

4) Give yourself a break the last week of the year

I know you are going to follow this step, because you are really frustrated with the current lifestyle. Do this for yourself. This doesn’t mean you can drop everything when that last week rolls around. Prepare for the New Year with new happy mindset.

5) Reset your internal Clock

The point is this, do what you need to do to adjust to limited daylight without losing the step. Ask yourself how the shorter days impact you? Manage your time accordingly.

Remember, Just as having a great day is dependent on having a good morning, having an amazing new year is all about having fantastic and well planned goals. 
“Practices certainly makes perfect, and failing is all a part of process.”
“Dream Big, Start small, Start Now.”

Please do  Share this article with someone special to you. I hope this going helpful to many of you. 

Spread Love, Keep Smiling, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year


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