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Don't let people paint your dream : Partnership

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Early in my career, I have no clear picture of whom I am looking for, I was with some people who weren't the right fit. I allowed others to paint the picture for me. Invariably, they painted their pictures. Then I discovered that the pictures they painted of themselves had been greatly enhanced. They were like the glamour shots people take and then doctor in Photoshop. They weren’t authentic, and they didn’t fit into my dream.

Before a month or more I was hanging out in a group of some start-ups, Guys are screaming with their own Ideas, Vision, Productivity.

"Partnership" - I said, Finally.

Silence was everywhere. It was not they were expecting to here, but they got it immediately.

No one had a suitable answer. I explained little bit, What exactly partnership is from business dictionary

" A type of business organization in which two or more individuals pool money, skills, and other resources, and share profit and loss in accordance with terms of the partnership agreement. In absence of such agreement, a partnership is assumed to exit where the participants in an enterprise agree to share the associated risks and rewards proportionately "

"If you are with right partner, that will help you gain right momentum and realize your vision" - One said.

Better Choice

To find like-valued people, you need to know what you’re looking for. As a starting point, I look for people who embody these 12 qualities:
1.      Thinks about others first.
2.      Thinks bigger than self.
3.      Has a passion that’s contagious.
4.      Offers complementary skills.
5.      Is great at support.
6.      Possesses a can-do spirit.
7.      Has an expanded influence.
8.      Holds an activist mindset.
9.      Is a proven ladder builder.
10.   Stands out from the crowd.
11.   Creates teamwork.
12.   Makes a difference.


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