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Make yourself more valuable to the company

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In the world of finance, an asset is something that puts money in your pocket. In the world of business, an employee is hired to do the same thing for a company. An employee uses their knowledge and skills to earn money for themselves and their employer.

1. Be punctual. If you start work at 10am, it is better to get into work at 9:45am. This way you have time to make yourself a quick drink and then be ready to start work on time. Your punctuality will help other to be punctual. Time is money and an employee who turns up late on a regular basis may lose the company money.

2. Be dressed appropriately.  Maintain yourself with a proper dress. You should be dressed according to your companies' policy.   A company will always state the dress code, although there may be occasions where you are unsure on what to wear. For example, you may be attending a conference and are unsure whether to dress in a suit or go for a more casual look. In these cases, it is always best to ask a more senior member of staff.

3. Be personable. It's important to be friendly with people at work. Your colleagues may need help at times and they may find it difficult to ask you for help if you are aggressive or unpleasant. Being personable helps to promote a good working environment.

4. Do your best for your company. At the company you work for, you will have a specific job role and this is how you make the company money. If you can't do your job well, you will lose customers and you may become a liability, meaning that you lose the company money. To ensure you do your job well, you must learn how to do it to the companies' standards. Learn from other employees, get a mentor, enrol on training courses and be eager to learn as much as you can. The results you get at work are ultimately what you will be judged on.
  • Note: This is the most important part. The whole reason the company employs you is to perform in this job role. Do it correctly and do it well.
5. Do extra. Some people do a good job and leave it there, whereas others will offer to do extra. For example, some employees will offer to mentor, train new employees and suggest more efficient working procedures. Consider organising charity and social events that bring company employees together and contribute to the community.

6. Make yourself more valuable to the company. The reason a chief executive officer gets paid more than the receptionist is because their skills and knowledge are more valuable. Therefore, it is best to assess your own skills and knowledge and look at ways to improve. If you want to get paid more, you must become more valuable. Explore ways of getting new and more valuable skills.

7. Leave your mark. Be innovative and bring something new to the company. Come up with new ideas that could possibly be implemented right across the business.


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