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Do you know how to sell a comb to hairless person?

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Great salespeople earn trust by solving your problems, not by selling what you don’t need.
Ask any person how they would sell a comb to you as if you were a bald person, and most of them will emulate a Glengarry Glen Ross attitude, and start saying things as:
“This comb is fantastic Daniel. It has 100 teeth with a patented design that lets comb air without breaking a sweat.
This is a multipurpose comb — you can use to comb your dog, your cat, your carpet and even as a musical instrument by tickling each one of the teeth.”
Now, let’s pause for a second. I don’t condemn the goofy creative ideas they used to make me see usefulness in this comb (on the contrary), but there are two very strong points that show how much their (our) instinct is wrong about doing sales:

The Glengarry Glen Ross attitude

First, it’s the attitude. The tone they use to sell you something is this salesly one, much because of the influence we have from the movies and old school salesman we have ringing on our doors and phones.
It’ s almost funny, but when you put anyone selling something, that’s the attitude they emulate by default.
“I guarantee you ma’am, this is the best comb I’ve ever used!”
(Read with an Alabama accent from the 60s.)
This shows how much people misunderstand what doing sales is about nowadays — the paradigm has changed, and people are actually not that receptive to anyone who looks and acts like Glengarry Glen Ross.

Not understanding the problem

The first thing she should be doing is understanding if I need the comb in the first place:
“Daniel, do you have a cat or a dog? Do you have difficulty combing their hair? Why do you think that happens?”
“Daniel, I saw you do radio as a hobby. Do you also like to make music? What kind of music do you make?”
She should seek to understand my problems in the first place. Understand if and how her comb can help me.
If she then realises the comb doesn’t assist me in any way, she shouldn’t insist on selling me what I don’t need.
In sales you need people to trust you, especially if you want them to come back in the future. So you should earn that trust and never break it.

A good salesman identifies needs and opportunities.yes he would sell a comb to a hairless person because he identified the need of the hairless guy's wife and kids for the comb.and this successful salesman identified the needs beyond the hairless guy and listened,analysed,jumped and made the sale when he knew the the guy has a wife and kids that can use a comb.think creative and out of the box. you will sell.

Good salesman quality is not to sell without need justification as that salesman does not want to put her / his credit at stake.
Con sales person will be conning by fixing the right size of cap by selling a comb to bald person and thereafter will never show up again.
~ IRPHAN GHANI   Senior Management  

Yes a salesperson can sell anything even if the customer doesn't need it. But if the customer realized that he went through a fraud or that the salesperson tricked him he won't trust him nor the company he presents. Sometimes we also have customers who buy anything even if they don't need it Just to satisfy something deep inside him/her. 

~ Ajay Prakash (Ebsoft Solutions) CEO


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